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In recent years, it has become apparent that many patients’ tooth and body aches can be traced to TMJ disorder. Yet many professionals continue to resort to rather archaic & temporary means of restoring comfort and beauty in a smile.

But Dr. Eddie Siman is not one to settle for temporary fixes. He is a rare professional who holistically tackles the TMJ as the root of damaged/missing teeth and other pains or discomfort.

Largely non-surgical and painless, Dr. Siman’s holistic TMJ treatment process for patients is of the highest quality and care. To ensure his patients receive the best TMJ treatment possible, Dr. Siman works closely with other qualified professional who understand his TMJ treatment philosophy and have the experience to properly maintain and duplicate proper jaw position.

Call today to begin your road to treatment and recovery from TMJ disorder with Dr. Eddie Siman, the TMJ expert.

How We Treat TMJ

Imaging & Observation


Bite Alignment With Orthotic.

Neuromuscular Therapy.

Dental Reconstruction

A. When you come in for your first visit, we take a CT-Scan—not an X-ray image of your mouth—to evaluate which areas are damaged by TMJ disorder, while also gauging the current alignment of your teeth and then determining their ideal position. We are one of the few dental offices to house a CT scanner because we believe an in-depth look at your jaw and mouth is a necessary step toward relief. But we don’t stop there. We also measure back and neck muscles to see how your TMJ-related issues are affecting your posture and upper-body pains.

B. Referencing your CT in-depth imaging, Dr. Eddie Siman conducts a clinical examination that includes a proper diagnosis of your TMJ problems and symptoms. Then, using neuromuscular technology, Dr. Eddie Siman determines your “happy bite” or optimal jaw position where muscles relax and rest. This position is unique to each patient depending on the level of severity of TMJ-related complications.

C. Depending on how skewed the jaw positioning is, a therapeutic orthotic will be provided for you to wear to align the uneven bite. It is important to note, that these TMJ orthotic appliances are NOT night guards nor splints, and are custom fabricated using complex neuromuscular techniques and diagnostic equipment.

D. An orthotic does not correct one’s jaw alignment by itself, which is why we also use physio-therapeutic, Ultra-Low Frequency TENS technology to relax tense jaw muscles. TENS delivers small electrical impulses through electrodes with adhesive pads that attach to a person’s skin, easing the tension in the muscles surrounding the TMJ to help give your jaw the best support and protection from bite stress as an orthotic is worn.

E. Wearing a repositioning orthotics is a potential first step toward long-term phase-two treatment consisting of orthodontic braces, reconstructive porcelain restorations (smile rejuvenation), or a combination of orthodontics and reconstructive porcelain restorations.